I started translating professionally in 2013. Today, having translated over 1 million words, I know my craft and profession's standards well enough to offer reliable services which always fit the purpose. With my interest in continuous education, I often update my knowledge and polish my expertise to deliver the work we can both be proud of.

I offer English to Polish translations mainly in the following specializations: marketing, tourism & hospitality, arts, food and beverage, HR, IT.

I deliver creative versions of texts and slogans which appeal to the client’s Polish-speaking audience.

Subtitles for movies or videos, created with professional software.

I often polish texts which are generated within machine translation engines.

Quality assurance and editing of texts which have already been translated, or simply need another touch before are pronounced ready. 

Transcription of texts both in Polish and English.

I write SEO-optimized texts in English and Polish which gather target audiences and generate traffic and profits.